About Us

Once upon a time there was a family of lost souls searching for a healthy snack on the go.  Fruits and veggies were already a major staple of the household snack pantry, but they wanted another option.  Each one dreamed that the perfect snack would satisfy their unique hunger:
  • The fetching, loving mother, and the dad, wanted a low sugar/high protein, organic snack for their precious kids.
  • The beautiful young lady desires chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.
  • The handsome young man seeks sweetness in his snack.
  • The cute little boy just wants a chewy, yummy cookie.

So, Mom and Dad searched the shelves of all the stores for the perfect snack to satisfy each child, and their mom. They tried many different crackers, bars, cookies, nuts, and other snacks. None was able to meet the needs of all four of those lost souls. Loaded with sugar, sugar substitutes, fruit juice concentrates, soy protein, preservatives, and more yucky stuff, they left their lost souls feeling more hopeless than ever! Mom and Dad decided that they should quit the searching and create their own snack bars. After trying various recipes, the original ABBA Paleo™ Bar was born and named “Whey Too Yummy!!” and Abby,Baker, Ben, and Anne (the ABBA Crew!) lived happily ever after!